Supported Living Service

Supported living services are available for those who do not want to live at home or struggle to cope independently.

We provide excellent care to our clients’ service users, and provide the support needed to sustain independent living – both within shared homes and supported living accommodation.


We understand that limited staff availability can result in risks to health and wellbeing. So, our DBS vetted staff are ready to support you and focus on your needs.

The nature of the care you want will be driven by your care assessment. At Always Healthcare Recruitment Agency, we create unique care plans tailored to your specific needs, meaning the services we offer vary with every individual.


Since 2017

Your caregiver’s responsibilities may comprise of:

  • Helping you get out of bed
  • Travelling out to college or work
  • Completing daily tasks such as medication, shopping, household administration and personal

Your wellbeing is our top priority. We aim to help clients achieve independent living and we understand our duty of care to ensure our support is safe and effective.

Supported Living Accommodation

We have properties available for lease alongside our supported living service. You can move in and our healthcare professionals will look after you, supporting your independence. If you are finding it difficult to coordinate by yourself and you don’t want to live in a residential care home, we are the right choice.

Supported Living Accommodation

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One of our properties available for lease.